Santander International Conference

International Conference on “Reproductive Rights, New Reproductive Technologies and the European Fertility Market” (Santander-Spain, 19-20 November 2015)

Foundation ‘Marqués de Valdecilla’,  University of Cantabria and  Erasmus Observatory on Health Law/Institute of Health Policy & Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam) announce the International Conference on Reproductive Rights, New Reproductive Technologies and the European Fertility Market.

Since the first successfully carried out IVF treatment in the 1970s, various new reproductive technologies have been developed and applied for fertility treatment. These reproductive innovations and the diversity in national regulation on reproductive technologies have created a European fertility market, raising several questions, in terms of medicine, law, ethics, policy and economics.

During a 2 days conference, academics and professionals will meet, discussing the main and latest developments in new reproductive technologies from different perspectives. The conference has a multidisciplinary approach inviting academics, professionals, students and other interested persons to participate.

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